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Land Marshal Chemicals Timeline

Our humble beginnings to present day

June 1972                          


We started our Agrochemical distribution business by becomin sole distributor for Yawalkar Pesticides Pvt Ltd, Nagpur through combined states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana .

March 1980

Expansion and Boom Period

In 1980, we expanded further by becoming sole Agrochemical distributor for New Chemi Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai. This is boom time for commercial crops like cotton, chillies, tobacco, paddy and other vegetable crops. We have continued this relationship upto 2005

Jan 2000

New Partnerships

In 2000, we have partnered with Dupont in distributing and sales of their unique speciality products in core districts of Andhra Pradesh

April 2006                         

New Innings with brand "Land Marshal"

In 2006, Our group has decided to launch own brand Land Marshal to market Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbicides and Disease Control products

May 2017                        

New Products on Integrated Pest Management

With consumer focus on sustainability, Land Marshal has launched products under Integrated Pest Management such as Yellow/Blue Sticky Traps, Delta Traps and Funnel Traps for sustainable crop cultivation


24-11-186/A, Patnam Bazaar 
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh


Mobile: +91-9948294205             Land Phone: 0863-2223280