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Rat Glue Pad Traps from
Land Marshal

For first time in Andhra Pradesh, we have started manufacturing and launched the product Rat Glue Traps. Available in three sizes small, medium and large. The trap is made from finest quality glue and materials.

Rat and MouseTraps

Our Rat traps are used to control mice, rats which cause a lot of damage

Active Ingredient    

Paper board with glue varying from 20grams to 40grams


Our specially imported peanut butter glue works like a charm in attracting and trapping rats. Available in three sizes to cater all types of needs.

Rat Traps Best Quality from Land Marshal

User for

To control and trap Rats


General purpose Rat trap

Stock Available in Bulk

Delivery across India

Contact Jamili Subbarao @ 8179730930

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